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Mariela Baeva
Mariela Baeva
Member of the European Parliament for Bulgaria
2007 - 2009
(first direct EP elections in Bulgaria);

LEED to OECD partner (Nanotech)

Charter 4 Mobile

Charter 4 mobile

Anyone interested in fundamental rights in the European Union (EU) can now have easy access to the text of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in all official languages on their mobile device:

New Poverty Patterns: Where Will the Poor Live?

New data on the changing patterns of poverty, and how to handle it

The shift in the geography of poverty comes with other important changes: pockets of fragility within otherwise stable environments and exclusion within contexts of general prosperity.*

Tailor-made solutions (i.e. pro-poor policies) for each national context, avoiding one-size-fits-all approaches.**

Policy implications of shifting poverty patterns, among others:

  • set the international poverty line at around USD 10/day (which would reveal that 10% of the global poor live in high income countries),
  • focus on the multidimensionality of poverty,
  • agree on a multidimensional indicator for poverty (for example, the Multidimensional Poverty Index [MPI] developed by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Index [OPHI]) and change the country classifications accordingly.***


*Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

**Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

*** News and Ideas from the OECD Development Assistance Committee, July 2012 New poverty patterns: Where will the poor live?

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