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Mariela Baeva
Mariela Baeva
Member of the European Parliament for Bulgaria
2007 - 2009
(first direct EP elections in Bulgaria);

LEED to OECD partner (Nanotech)

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About Mariela Baeva

MEP 2007-2009

Some publications and interviews

Le Parlement Européen Vote Pour Le Changement

Publication Date:
June 2009
– French
Les eurodéputés (ré)élus le 7 juin héritent notamment d’un statut plus juste et plus transparent financièrement, adopté par leurs prédécesseurs.

BBC: Record Europe On Energy Giants

Interview Date:
June 2008
– English
– Video
Janet Barrie talks to Eluned Morgan MEP, Jacques Toubon MEP and Mariela Baeva MEP about the impact for consumers of legislation that would prevent companies from both generating and providing electricity.

Putting in Place Jobs That Last (Bulgarian version)

Publication Date:
September 2010
Pages: 69
– English
– French
– Spanish
– Dutch
– Romanian
Drawing on over three decades of research in local employment and economic development policy, this guide by the LEED Programme identifies a series of principles which should underpin government and community action for building sustainable employment in the post-downturn economic context.
The five recommended principles for building sustainable employment for the future involve:

  • Creating an adaptable skilled labour force.
  • Better utilising skills in the local economy.
  • Supporting employment progression and skills upgrading.
  • Gearing education and training to emerging sectors.
  • Putting in place good local governance.

Each of these principles are presented with concrete recommendations to both national policy makers and local practitioners and illustrated by case study examples.
In the coming years, a new partnership between the public and private sectors is necessary to develop better quality jobs with possibilities for progression and greater accessibility for all.
The guide reviews the most recent policy tools being trialled in OECD countries to contribute to this objective, illustrating the key messages with a variety of different case studies.

PEN Paves the Way for Women Writers to Be Recognized

Publication Date:
August 2008
– English
Publication in Network Le Réseau La Red, newsletter of International PEN Women Writers Committee (IPWWC) – page 15 and 16

The Day Was Born

Publication Date:
June 2006
– English
– Softcover
Set in 20th century Bulgaria, The Day Was Born by Mariela Baeva explores a number of contemporary issues. Among these are socio-political change, drug abuse, and organised crime. The events spiral around the country’s transition to democracy. At the heart of the story are the troubles of different generations of the same family. The personal and the political are intertwined while the narrative is both tightly-focussed and wide-ranging.
It is a story of self-delusion, love, great expectations, sin and crime. It is about the cost of change in a changing world.
An ex-politician confronts the drug addiction problem of his 14-year-old son. In his last minutes the father reels back on his life. Every face is there, every sentence, episodes ready to re-play. His daughter leads her brother to his catharsis. She establishes him in a place far-away from Sofia, where the family lives. She is captured by deep emotions. The boy’s dualistic nature is struggling. He lives between a distrust of the local people, and an eagerness to survive and continue. He confronts different mentalities. Love comes to cure his soul and bring impetus. He tries to change his value spectrum according to the calls of time.
The Day Was Born is a finalist for Glimmer Train’s Open Fiction Winter 2005-2006 Top 25 Winners And Finalists.

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