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Mariela Baeva
Mariela Baeva
Member of the European Parliament for Bulgaria
2007 - 2009
(first direct EP elections in Bulgaria);

LEED to OECD partner (Nanotech)


Modern times are chaotic. Disorder, territorial pretensions, movement of people in panic, economic tsunamis, devastated destinies, blank eyes…

Striving for new order…

Crusades of ideas and beliefs, big-bangs of ideologies and systems, “plague” on societies…

A pledge for a renaissance…

Modern times are belief-deprived. Values are costly and unaffordable. Principles are Everest-high, unreachable, untouchable. Trust and confidence are locked in the cellar of our civilization and the key has been lost…

Shall we find it? Or make it available if we find it?

Modern times are pregnant with utopias – companies are kept in the zoo; authorities are “last resort”; societies can always bear it…

Where do we go?

Are utopias good for the health?

Mariela Baeva


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