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The Economic Index of Our Social Ignorance

A acquisitions and mergers of empty pockets
B bankruptcy of ideas and visions
C capital market of insolvent values
D deficit of reckoning and reasoning
E easy money for great expectations
F free enterprise system for imprisoning the dreams
G gold standard of foliage leaves
H hyperinflation of human beings
I income and distribution of inequality
J junk bonds of morality
K knowledge economy of ignorance
L laissez-faire of impossibilities
M money, money, money…
N nondurable consumer goods for durable hunger
O outsourcing of junk bonds
P privatization of air, water and sun
Q quantum leap of the political turtles
R regulation of the free mind
S securities of insecure future
T time deposits of stupidities and absurdities
U usury during plague
V value added tax for witlessness
W welfare “unsafety net”
X X-trapolate animal spirits
Y yield of pumpkins
Z Zero-sum game

Mariela Baeva


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