Tribute to the victims of
terrorist attacks worldwide
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Mariela Baeva
Mariela Baeva
Member of the European Parliament for Bulgaria
2007 - 2009
(first direct EP elections in Bulgaria);

LEED to OECD partner (Nanotech)

News of the Day

Theirworld, Your Walk is back this June! 

This June sees the return of Theirworld, Your Walk, a step-count challenge to help raise vital funds for children’s education across the world.

The challenge asks you to complete a Thrilling 300,000 steps in June (an average of 10,000 steps per day) or to work as a group to walk a Magic Million steps!

How to take part

Sign-up is easy – click here to register, set up your fundraising page and start walking!


Young people in partnership with @Theirworld demanded action on the #GlobalEducationCrisis and world leaders have listened. #IFFEd will unlock billions for children globally and help deliver a world where every child has a place in school. #LetMeLearn

Theirworld, Your Walk: Thank you! –

Nous venons de signer cette lettre ouverte pour demander aux chefs d’Etat et de gouvernement de faire de l’école gratuite pour tous les enfants un droit humain universel.

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Brno, 06.12.2017

Brno, 06.12.2017

Monday, 6.12.2017

EU Migration Insights 2017

Wednesday, 8.12.2017

The role of the European Parliament in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

Areas outside of the EU’s Budget

Thursday, 9.12.2017

Follow-up to Monday lecture EU Migration Insights 2017

Follow-up to Wednesday lecture The role of the European Parliament in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

Friday, 10.12.2017

Specific issue in the FRA survey

Public opinion in the post-Brexit era (excerpts)

Identity issue within the EU Migration Insights 2017


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