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Animal Farm Revisited

A story of modern times

The story as follows is not about preaching morality in politics. It is about times when the interpretation and distortion of facts become essential political strategies.


“The Major, a boar on the Farm, gathers the animals in a meeting. In his speech he refers to the humans as parasites and proclaims new rules.

When he dies a few days later, two young pigs take control of the group and try to turn his dreams into a reality.

After a while, they start a struggle for leadership. When one announces his ideas, the other opposes them. The confrontation leads for one of the pigs to be forced to leave the farm.

Using a new pig as a mouthpiece of the group, the fake leader announces as his the ideas of the expelled.

In the course of time the leader abuses his powers;

he wants more and more privileges;

the mouthpiece justifies every statement the leader makes;

an anthem glorifies him, seemingly starting to have the lifestyle of a man.

The animals, though starving and exhausted, believe they live better. The mouthpiece invents numbers to show their standard of living.

In the meanwhile, an attack on the farm brings great losses to the animals. They win the battle, but exchange one of the wounded for money to buy spirits.

Time passes, and the pigs get sophisticated, wearing clothes and carrying whips.

The leader announces an alliance with the humans.

The animals on the Farm realize that the faces of the pigs start to resemble the faces of humans and no one can tell the difference between them.”


Any similarity with reality is a sheer coincidence.

Mariela Baeva


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