Tribute to the victims of
terrorist attacks worldwide
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                                       #ClimateAction CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES FOR THE BETTER

                                             HERE ARE 25 ACTIONS THAT CAN GET US ON TRACK BY 2025

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Britain and the EU – a timeline                                                Covid-19: how to fix the economy

Europeans say farewell to Britain

Top-50-global-personalities-with-an-outstanding-commitment-to-diversity            img_0364-2 – 24.04.20; Follow-upEuropean countries must act urgently to help unaccompanied children in Greek refugee camps – 21.05.20; Reunion of child refugees with UK family – 24.05.20; Commissioner Johansson noted that the relocation of 1,600 unaccompanied minors from Greece to other Member States is underway, despite the complex situation caused by the pandemic. So far, 59 children have been relocated from camps in Greece, she says, adding: “We are on track and the relocation of the remaining will take place in the following weeks and months.” – 27.05.20


Charter 4 mobile Charter for Mobile, easy access to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights






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 Nobel Prize: medal
Nobel Prizes established
Through the will drawn up by Alfred Bernhard Nobel—the Swedish chemist, engineer, and industrialist who invented dynamite and other, more powerful explosives—the Nobel Prizes were established on this day in 1895.
credit: Britannica

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